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Claude Kawas

Position: Station Manager
D.O.B: 16/10/19??
Home: NRJ (studiovision Bldg)
Car: Seat Leon
Favorite movie stars: Me
Favorite food: Everything except hard-to-chew people
Favorite vacation place: Tibet
Favorite quote: Trust Me! I don't trust you...
Hobbies: What?!?!?!
Sport: Eating!!!
What do u love: Me myself and I
What do u hate: YOU:)
Moto: $$$$$$$$$$$$
Phobia: Planes
Height: 1.73
Eyes: Green
Star sign: Libra
Johnny Aram

Position: Music Selector
Date of Birth: 03/09/1981
Car: Toyota
Favorite Movie Star: Robert de Niro, Sean Penn
Favorite Food: Sea food
Favorite Quote: Men are born ignorant, not stupid.
Hobbies: I'm trying to find new ones...
Sports: Foot-Ball
What do you love: To love
What do you hate: To hate
Moto: Take it easy

Height: 1,80 M
Eyes: Brown
Star Sign: Virgo

Philippe Yaacoub

Position: 69
D.O.B: 19/07/87
Home: In your backseat
Car: Audi
Music: All indie!
Favorite movie stars: Kevin Spacey, Ellen Page
Favorite food: All you can eat buffets!
Favorite Quote: There is nothing conceptually better than Rock n' Roll.
Favorite vacation place: I haven't had a vacation for a looong time..
Hobbies: Dj-ing, Football, Women, Movies.
Sport: BasketBall, Football, Cricket, Palette, Curling.
What do u love: I love boobs.
What do u hate: No time to hate!
Moto: Do whatever makes you happy.
Phobia: Toes. Ok I dislike toes.
Height: 1.78
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Black
Star sign: Cancer


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