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Jyad Murr

Jihad Gabriel Murr, started a radio station in 1979 at the age of 14 and is currently the CEO of XDU Holding, which handles NRJ, Nostalgie, 2U2C, Audiovision, MEAS, Get for Less, Blautech and Instruments Garage. He was the one behind launching the first Virgin Megastore in the Middle East, in Lebanon, in 2001. Graduated from AUB with a degree in Business Administration, he took many executive business courses in London Business School and Harvard. He also holds a Masters degree in Music production and Technology from Berklee college of music. Jihad was the president of the IAA for four years (Lebanon associate chapter) and is currently a member of the YPO (Young Presidents' organization), RDCL (Rassemblement de Dirigeants et Chefs d'entreprises Libanais) , YAL (Young Arab Leaders) and BADER (young entrepreneurs program).

Position: Everything possible
Home : Wherever you want.
Car : Auto Stop.
Favourite Movie Stars : Porn Stars.
Favourite Food : Wherever you invite me
Favourite Drinks : Alcohol 
Smoke - YES!!!
Who do you hate? Her.
Who do you love? Him.
Favourite Vacations : Q8.
Favourite Quote : !!!!!.
Hobbies : Gossip.
What Do You Fear? Her.
Height : :(
Weight : 100kg
Star Sign : Libra.
Eyes : Lences
Hair : Extention

Chris Mahne

Position: Broadcaster
Home : Wherever it's comfy
Car :None, motor bikes
Favourite Movie Stars :Indy actors
Favourite Food :Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Creole, fusion
Favourite Drinks : Single Malt !
Smoke -
Who do you hate? Polluters
Who do you love? Nature
Favourite Vacations : Anywhere as long it's a vacation!
Favourite Quote : Treat the earth well, it was not given to you by your parents, It was loaned to you by your children
Hobbies : Games
What Do You Fear? The darkness
Height : 1.78
Weight :I don't know last time the scale asked me to step "one at a time"
Star Sign :Aries
Eyes : 20/20
Hair : Plenty


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